**CWC Action Alert: Investor letter on Pay-Ratio Disclosure to U.S. SEC**

In this issue:

  • Shareholder initiative on Pay-Ratio Disclosure: Investor letter to the U.S. SEC

The Global Unions Committee on Workers Capital (CWC) in cooperation with the AFL-CIO is inviting investors to sign a letter for the SEC, urging the Commission to require the disclosure of median employee compensation of both US and global work-forces.

Please review the background information and resources on this campaign, as well as the investor letter to the SEC on the issue of Pay-Ratio disclosure, located on the Pay-Ratio disclosure campaign page.

Institutional investors with U.S. equities who are interested in co-signing the letter to the SEC are encouraged to contact Peter Chapman (contact details in the investor letter below) or the CWC Secretariat.

Read the investor letter to the SEC.

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