**CWC Launches New Global Proxy Review Report**

In this issue:

Global Proxy Review - A trustee's guide to key shareholder votes in 2013

How did investors voice their discontent with regards to executive compensation at Barrick Gold in Canada and Afren in the UK? Both companies – likely to be held in pension fund portfolios – faced votes of historic proportion against executive compensation in 2013.

Global Proxy Review is a pension trustee’s guide to key shareholder votes at multi-national companies across the globe. With this oversight tool, trustees and investors can evaluate the performance of fund managers or proxy voting services on the most important environmental, social and governance issues of the year.

The 2013 report includes 40 votes from eight different countries on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues of particular importance to the labour movement. 

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Trustees and investors can now use the Global Proxy Review interactive website to search key votes from the past 3 years. Go to the proxy review website to start searching and reviewing the voting record for your pension plan!  
































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