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  • Proxy Review 2011

    Proxy Review 2011: A pension trustee's guide to key shareholder votes in 2011

Proxy Review 2011

The CWC announces the publication of its report: Proxy Review 2011. The report encourages investors to take an active role in proxy voting oversight.

Proxy Review identifies trend-setting shareholder votes on social, environmental and corporate governance issues that are relevant for pension investors with global equity portfolios. The report includes key votes from: Australia, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Shareholder voting is one of the primary means by which investors can influence a company’s operations. It is therefore important for shareholders to participate in the voting process. However, pension equity investments can span hundreds of companies and numerous countries. Add to this complexity, regulatory differences, conflict of inter­est problems, agency dilemmas and narrow interpretations of fiduciary duty, which all contribute to accountability gaps along the investment chains of pension funds. Recogniz­ing these gaps, Proxy Review was created to serve as an accessible resource for pension trustees who would like to evaluate how key proxy votes in international portfolios were cast on their behalf.

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