Tim Lyons

Tim Lyons, Working Group 3: Shareholder Activism

Tim Lyons has served as Chair of the CWC’s Working Group 3 on Shareholder Activism since 2010.

Mr. Lyons also acts as Assistant Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). His responsibilities as an ACTU Officer include management of the industrial and policy issues around the economy, tax, superannuation and retirement incomes.

He also represents the ACTU and unions in discussions with government and business on both industrial issues and the broader policy agenda of Australian unions. He is a member of a range of government committees in relation to workplace relations, the economy and superannuation, such as the National Workplace Relations Consultative Council and the Business Tax Working Group. In addition, Mr. Lyons is the Trustee Director of HESTA superannuation fund and sits on various superannuation industry bodies, including the board of the Industry Super Network and the Committee of the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors.

Prior to working at ACTU, Mr. Lyons was an official of the National Union of Workers in Australia for 13 years, working as a senior industrial officer and organizer.

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