Agenda: 2020 CWC Workers’ Capital Conference

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Click below to download the agenda (last update: 9 November 2020)

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The virtual conference will feature the following sessions:

  • Session 1 (Nov 16th, 17:00 CET): How do asset managers view and incorporate workers-backed evidence in public equities?
  • Session 2 (Nov 17th, 17:00 EST): Racial justice and workers’ capital
  • Session 3 (Nov 18th, 18:00 Australian EST): Tools and examples to hold asset managers accountable
  • Keynote address (Nov 18th, 11:00 Eastern Standard Time): Leo E. Strine, Jr.
  • Session 4 (Nov 19th, 17:00 CET): An interactive brainstorming session on CWC 2020-2021 priorities