The CWC’s Trustee Profile project is compiling a series of action profiles of how pension trustees deal with salient ESG issues at the board level. The aim of the project is to contribute to an enhanced understanding of the issues facing trustees, how these compare and contrast across countries and the role of individual initiative in elevating ESG issues at the board level and in the investment chain.

Union and worker nominated pension trustees face the challenging and complex task of ensuring that their funds’ investments contribute to decent retirements and a sustainable society. Trustee boards have the responsibility to craft, adopt and implement policies that guide investment decision making. They set the tone with respect to the integration of ESG issues into investments.

The CWC Trustee Profile project will narrow in on the role of individuals in elevating ESG issues at the board. The CWC will interview approximately six individual trustees at pension plans across the world on the following topics:

  • The factors enable or limit the ability of the board to consider ESG issues;
  • The status of ESG integration at the fund level;
  • An instance where the individual trustee dealt with a salient ESG issue;
  • How the trustee fostered discussion with board colleagues on the ESG issues;
  • Perspectives on emerging ESG issues